Aerte’s Technology

Aerte’s technology has always relied on the generation and emission of hydroxyl radicals and other reactive oxygen species to combat pathogens, mimicking the process that is naturally occurring outdoors which confers to the Fresh air its purification properties.

Our expertise in air purification acquired through the application of high level science, comprehensive research, and confirmed results from our presence in the healthcare market, have supported the development of new generation devices.

The Devices

The new AD 2.0 and Klean not only exploit the potential of hydroxyl radicals, but also include the cooperative effects of having a corona which enhances the production of bio-active species and has by itself bactericidal properties. We purify the air thanks to an active technology, we remove the particles we do not trap them in a filter. 

The combination of the two technologies relying on different principles broadens the spectrum of  targets covered by our devices, and therefore the sectors which they can be directed to. 

AD 2.0 is the unit designed for professional use, and Klean for the household market.

Hydroxyl Radicals

The hydroxyl radicals and other reactive oxygen species released into the air from our units operate by attacking the particles at the molecular level, irrespective of particle size.

Tiny submicron particles and complex toxic organic molecules are removed from the air. 

Bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen, cat or dog dander, and other allergens are attacked. 


Aerte’s new AD 2.0 and Klean are designed to be used with a consumable cartridge containing hydrogen peroxide and needs to be replaced every 60 days.


The units have a compact design, are very quiet and easy to operate.

They are designed to operate continuously throughout the day and night, providing continuous air purification.

Comparison of Air Purifying Technologies

There are several technologies in the market for air purification. Almost 80% of the devices available are based on filters, yet filters are not efficient for all particles and they need maintenance. Furthermore, efficiency continuously decreases as filter starts to get clogged up.


Other technologies include ultraviolet lamps, carbon filters, ozone generators; but they are all addressed to specific targets: either more directed to biocidal effectiveness or to
removing odours/smoke/fumes.


Aerte’s disinfection units can cover the whole spectrum, as they combine different technologies which have proven efficient for different targets.