Outdoor Air Indoors

Aerte is a Swedish company specialised in air disinfection. It produces air cleaning solutions for professional and home use. The technique behind these solutions resembles processes in nature and creates outdoor air indoors. 

The Air Disinfection Units have been developed in conjunction with British microbiologists, infection control experts and engineers to replicate the way in which the natural environment protects and cleans the air in open spaces.

The Technology


The technology reproduces these effects in any enclosed environment such as hospitals, wards, schools or theatres, neutralising airborne pathogens. 

Our patented technology was one of the winning solutions in the Smart Solutions for HCAI programme 2009 and is in use in a large number of hospitals and other settings worldwide today. Aerte AD2.0 and Kleanhave proven to be effective against MRSA, C. difficile,Norovirus and a whole range of different microbes.